Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Feet of Columbus, Ohio PT. 1

Ok so this is ridiculous! Let's get to what this blog is really about. MY LOVE for FEET and the photos that I take. Here is a selection of works from my fun trips to Columbus. (above is Amanda Rourke and Sister Maggie)

These images are also Amanda and Maggie, in many ways they are my 4 favorite feet in that city (I'm sure it has to do with the size 9.5 and 10).

Below is model and friend Crystal O, I've shot her a couple times now and will of course create more images in the future. Still in the process of kinda figuring her out and how she relates (in my own head and hers) with what I do.

...and of course one can't speak about Columbus without showing and mentioning the feet of Sofie. She is of course one of the coolest (and most known) models in that town and her feet?? PERFECTION of course.

Above Sister Maggie and her friend Lola are doin' it up in a sleazy Knight's INN (I felt kinda guilty having them go barefoot in that disgusting place). Below is Crystal O and Patton Suicide also from the "Knight's Inn" Sessions.

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Sarah Smith said...

Love love LOVE these photos. You rock my socks Collin!