Monday, December 14, 2009

Kelly Cadaver Continued....

CJR: Ok so we've shot a few times now this past year how has the experience changed or grown for you from the first shoot to this last one?
KELLY: It's so much more than shooting now. The first shoot helped me relax and become comfortable with someone touching my feet. I would never let anyone before. The shoots that followed were a much needed experience for me. A part of my body that I never thought to photograph has become something that I want to photograph and focus on.

CJR: What are some thoughts you have about my foot obsession? (particularly when it comes to your feet)
KELLY: I am actually very flattered. I never focused on my feet, wore socks with sandals until I was 21, and actually still kind of get freaked out if people look at them. But, you sir, make them feel like no one else ever has. I'm also very intrigued when it comes to your fetish. Shooting has helped me understand and appreciate it.

CJR: We've talked about you getting my signature tattooed on your foot, what meaning does that hold for you?
KELLY: It definitely, to me, signifies my growth as a person. I enjoy our shoots and visits, why wouldn't I want a constant reminder of it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Welcome welcome to my new blog and more importantly to my world of FEET and FOOT photography. I decided to start this thing after securing a position writing a foot column for SECRET magazine. Going forward for every issue that is released I will feature additional photographs of the models included in the printed piece as well as additional insights into this little world of mine.

Secret 34 is not available! In this the first piece I’ve written for them I included images and interviews with Kess M and Kelly Cadaver. I’m including here some color images of both models. ENJOY!


Kelly Cadaver: