Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ahhh 2010

With the release of this cool f-eleven book and the newest issue of Secret Magazine 2010 is looking to be pretty promising for the work. A few goals I have for the year: get the work seen in more venues online, in print, and in galleries / spaces / homes. ALSO I will focus on this blog and try to redo my website Exciting things if you're a fan of the foot! More to come this weekend! OH and well Lady Gaga a creative director at Polaroid?? I say HELL YEAH!
What models appear in the f-eleven book you ask? WELLLLL Patton Suicide, Kess M, Crystal O, Stacey S, Ivy Thornton, Jen, Sister Maggie, Brianna Sparkles and PXE. find the book here:

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