Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Interview with Model (and foot lover) Detra Thorn

Photo of Detra by 2 Feet High

Though we've never actually met in person Detra seemed like a natural for an interview for the simple fact that through her images I could tell she had a unique connection to and love for her feet. Detra agreed to be interviewed for this little blog of mine and below is the result.
Q: Who are you? (give me a little bio on yourself / your life)
A: Detra Thorn
San Diego, Ca

I've lived in San Diego all my life and love it. I have always had a love/hate relationship with modeling. Entered a modeling agency as a young teen because my parent's thought it would help my self esteem but it ended up doing the exact opposite. I was very insecure, depressed and dangerously thin for much of my teen years. I gave up on modeling and tried to focus on other things in life and for once I didn't give a shit about how I looked. I gained a good healthy amount of weight and no longer looked unhealthy. I tried to keep away from modeling but a lifelong friend that was also a photographer would still ask me to model for her but in more artistic fun types of shots where weight and size did not matter. Shoots were never regular with her but I always looked forward to working with her because she could bring out the best in me and I felt zero pressure to be anything but me. I lost touch with my dear friend and photographer for a good 7-8 years before getting in touch with her again. A shoot was done in February of this year with her that made me excited about art and photography again. I felt confidence even though I'm not model thin. It was a wonderful experience. Detra Thorn was born from an old screen name I once went by "Devious Thoughts" ( I wanted to stick with the DT theme) I've always loved the name Detra and the meaning "to be" and I like the edgy sound of Thorn. Outside of modeling I like to spend time with my friends and family. I have a huge heart for animals but cats are my favorite. I have 3 black and white cats. One of my male kitties has a foot fetish. :)
Q: You seem to have a real connection to your feet and the sexual power of your feet, where does this come from? How did it develop?

A: Foot Fetish is still very new to me. I worked with a photographer recently that has a personal foot fetish and he was interested in me modeling for him. After talking to him I felt very comfortable. Ever since my shoot with him I've had a new love for feet. I think it's a very sexy part of a woman's body that goes unnoticed by many. I notice feet everywhere now.
Q: Can you describe the hottest foot-fetish experience you've had?

A: I love my partner's feet and massaging them with lotion. She's got hot feet! She's a bit insecure about them but I think they are sexy as hell. They turn me on and I love being able to rub them for her after she's worked a long day. It's been our foreplay lately.

Q: What would you like to achieve as a model of fetish?
A: I want people to see the beauty in different parts of a woman's body. It shouldn't be all tits and ass. There is so much more to a woman that I think people are missing out on. I would like people to fall in love with feet the same way I did. Innocently. Something they just sort of stumble across or are introduced to.Q: Does music play a role in your life? If so what role? What music do you enjoy?

A: Music is huge for me. I like mostly New Wave 80's, Industrial, Gothic, Synthpop, Electro and Ethereal mostly. I try to go out dancing at least once a month to the local Goth clubs around town. I took Belly Dancing for 2 years but due to recent back problems and surgery I had to put it on hold. I'm hoping to be strong enough to get back into it some day again.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: I just kind of stumbled across it. :) I've received a great positive response from people that have a love for feet and it makes me happy to be so accepted so quickly by so many kind people. Everyone has been very encouraging.

Q: When are your feet going to be in or near Nashville?!

A: I hope very soon. :)

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