Sunday, June 27, 2010

July Exhibition

The Invisible Gallery

Collin J. Rae
Chas Ray
Ray-Gun Mambo

July 9,10,11... Hours 12pm to 5pm
July 12 -18 by appointment

Artist Reception:
Saturday July 10, 8pm to 12pm

The Invisible Gallery
219 King Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201
Contact: 614-327-2793
No one under 18 admitted

Nashville based photographer Collin J. Rae will exhibit work in Columbus for the first time. Collin J. Rae is renowned for putting his subjects' best foot forward, both literally and figuratively. Not since the great Elmer Batters has a photographer so obsessively and provocatively adored the sole of women.

Chas Ray Krider will exhibit the working manuscript for his 2007 French publication Do Not Disturb. The manuscript is Chas Ray's personal layout for the book, consisting of 80 prints with over 200 images. The manuscript prints will be installed en masse as Do Not Disturb: the Director's Cut.

Ray-Gun Mambo is a well established LA photographer. He dances easily between the commercial arena and the realm of fine art; hence the Mambo.
And as for Ray-Gun? Think Man Ray in LA during the 1940s... uncanny, inventive and sensual ... as is the work of Ray Gun Mambo. His aim is true.


Anonymous said...

call me damn it. i want to come visit u in nashville and i ain't driving all the way there if you ain't. 415-425-8002. eric kroll
damin it

Katie said...

aww that's awesome Collin! Wish i could make it.