Wednesday, February 24, 2010

People I know pt. 1 - My Landlord

This is the first in a series of interviews that I'll be conducting with people I know in my life that are not really connected to my photography at all (except for the fact that they are aware of what I do). I hope to get some interesting tidbits out of this short yet informative and fun chats OH and there will be photos (Pheet) of course! Below are my landlords feet (taken by her) and the short interview.Who are you? What do you do? What is your relationship to me?
My name is Tracy Herron, I am an Agent Rep Specialist for Sureway Transportation and a licensed massage therapist. I know Collin through being room-mates for a couple of years- it was a pleasure!

How do you view our relationship (in your mind)?
I have a lot of respect for you. Your very talented, sincere, honest, no bullshit kinda guy.
Your into health and the environment and we have a lot in common. I like people that are easy going because I tend to be a stress case and I need Ying and Yang in my life!

What are your thoughts on the photowork that I do?
I think its very different, edgy and very very good. The models you choose are edgy as well which really brings more character to your work. So many personalities!

Have you experienced any "challenges" concerning the artwork I create?
No, I am very open minded and there are so many avenues for people to go with their creativity, I enjoy the fact that I know no one else like Collin Rae! Your very unique in your field of choice and I really love your artwork.

How do you view your feet? Has knowing me changed or enhanced your view of your own feet or feet in general in any way at all? If YES how?
I actually love my feet, I have a few calluses on the bottom of my feet because I am very hard on them, I waitressed and bartended , and managed clothing stores for almost 20 years so my feet have been very good to me and they show a little wear and tear, although I get a little self concious that they are not the soft pretty feet that many ladies have and men probably prefer but my feet have got me through so many times- good and bad, I like to think of them as warriors!

yes, Collin you have been so nice in your compliments of me feet which made me feel better about them and to be honest, I never really thought that much about feet until I lived with you and saw your artwork, Feet are so different on so many people, that they are indeed living art and they really say a lot about a person, I can see why you adore feet and I look forward to owning some of your work! (below are some bonus photos of her co-worker taken by Tracy and her i-phone)

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